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Lift certification


In cooperation with certified agencies and after inspection, we undertake the issuance of the lift certificate and the preparation of the technical file together with the necessary documents for registration with the competent municipality, for the issuance of certification for safe operation of the lift.

Periodic inspection (Re-inspection) of the Lift

Periodic inspection (Re-inspection) of the Lift
According to the current legislation, it is mandatory for old and new lifts to have a certificate of safe operation issued after re-inspection of the lift. (Similar to the Vehicle Τechnical Inspection in cars)

The period of validity of the periodic inspection certificate ranges from 1-2 years in public buildings to 5-6 years in private residences. The owners or managers of the building must take the necessary action for the certification of the lift ( Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic, 2604/22-12-2008, article 8). Safety tests and load control are carried out in the presence of an Inspector from a certified Lift control body.

The Inspector then prepares the inspection report stating if there are any deficiencies that must be addressed in order to issue the certificate of safe operation of the Lift.

Checks are made to ensure that the lift is safe, has no deficiencies, has not been modified and complies with applicable regulations.

It is very important that your facility meet safety standards.

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How can I tell if the Lift I use is certified?

There is usually a marking by the certification body in the lift cabin, with the certificate’s expiration date.

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