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Lift Maintenance


Our trained technicians perform maintenance on your lift installation to ensure its continuous & safe operation. Maintenance includes regular operational checks, inspection, cleaning, adjustment and lubrication of the equipment and any minor repairs that may be made during the visit.

Whatever the brand or type of Lift, we can maintain and repair it promptly and efficiently.

Safe operation

Regular lift maintenance is the most efficient way to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your lift and related equipment, reducing the risk of breakdowns, accidents and emergency repairs.

Having several years of know-how, we provide maintenance for all brands and types of lifts, without compromising on the quality of the services provided. We keep a library of electrical – technical diagrams and maintenance data for all lift manufacturers.


Knowing how important the operation of your lift is, we immediately provide the best possible service. The use of specialized technology (Field Service Management) makes us extremely efficient.

Lift operation is a matter of public safety.

For the safeguard of our customers, there is the possibility of insurance coverage of the Lift (risk insurance, including Professional Liability and workers’ compensation).

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