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Lifts – Special constructions

Lifts for outdoor spaces

These are lifts placed in buildings where there is no space and a lift shaft.

This need leads us to the creation of an entirely new space (shaft) outside the building.

The lift installed must comply with the European Directive EN 81.20.

The following mandatory procedures are very important for the safety of the construction & the building:

  • The shaft will be located outside, so it is necessary to issue a small-scale work permit from the town planning department so as to start the work.
  • You will need a technical design of both the shaft and the lift by a Mechanical Engineer.
  • You will need a static study for the shaft and a study of how it affects the statics of the building. You will also need an amendment of the building permit by a Civil Engineer.
  • The Lift’s functional certificate should be issued.

Anti-seismic Lifts

The anti-seismic lift is considered necessary not only for public buildings but also for every building, especially in areas with a high level of seismic activity.

The anti-seismic lift is equipped with technology that can detect the earthquake before its actual occurrence and transport the passengers safely to the next floor. (According to the standards EN 81-77 or ASME A17.1.)

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