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Load Lifts

Hydraulic or mechanical lifts for transporting loads in industries, professional facilities, supermarkets.

Lifts of this category are mainly used in business areas, where it is deemed necessary to transport loads, with or without the simultaneous presence of an attendant.

Load lifts are divided into:

  • Load lifts only for the lifting of goods
  • Lifts for escorted loads
  • Compact small load lifts
  • Car lifts

Only load lifts
Only load lifts are installed in shafts. They have a cabin and landing doors, and they can be sent to all floors while the lifting weight can exceed 3,000kg.

Lifts for escorted loads
Lifts for escorted loads are installed in shafts. They have a cabin and landing doors, with the possibility of loads being escorted by people. They are manufactured with special protection equipment and used in industries, warehouses or supermarkets.

COMPACT small load Lifts
The “COMPACT” Load Lift Platform is the economical solution for industries and warehouses. Its installation is easy and quick, while it does not require a shaft or machine room space.

Car lifts
Car lifts are specially designed (with push button panels and automatic doors) so that they can be used without the driver leaving the vehicle. Car lifts can be customized to suit any size, space or requirements you have, with or without a driver.

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