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They are lifts specially designed so as to have a very low energy footprint.

Environmental and ecological issues are now the main priority; therefore, it is important that customers have access to greener alternatives. The amount of energy a lift uses can be significant in the context of a building’s overall use. (Up to 20% in a typical office building).

To meet modern demands and protect the environment, we can upgrade or replace systems using more energy efficient solutions – reducing both energy use and operating costs in the long term.

In combination with new technologies, we have up to 50% savings in energy consumption.

The energy class of the gearless mechanical elevator is better.

Eco-Lift new technologies:

Gearless motor with an inverter drive

The MRL mechanical lift combines the advanced technology of the gearless motor (without a speed reducer) with an inverter drive, achieving energy savings of up to 30% compared to the conventional mechanical lift and spending up to 60% less power than a hydraulic lift, whereas its operation is smooth and quiet.

Energy recovery during descent
When the cabin goes down carrying a heavy load, which contains potential energy, the regenerative unit recovers this energy. This fact reduces energy consumption by more than 20% compared to conventional designs and thus also reduces CO2 emissions.

Eco – cabin lighting
You can upgrade the lift cabin lighting to replace the existing halogen lights, i.e., with LED spot lights. LED lights consume 80% less electricity than halogen lights and last up to 10 times longer.

Standby mode
There is an electronic panel with a special standby mode function (Lights, display and the inverter are switched off when the lift is not moving). In today’s lifts, lighting and signaling can consume a significant amount of electricity, even when the lift is not moving. As with almost all electrical appliances, lifts consume electricity, even when not in use. When a lift is in a stand-by mode, it is estimated that up to 15% of the maximum power is still consumed. A lift with the special standby mode function deactivates energy-consuming circuits when in standby mode – thus reducing energy waste.


“Eco” lifts come with an energy study and an energy consumption certificate.


  • Energy consumption during the transport of People
  • Energy consumption in standby mode
  • Lift energy class (A, B)

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