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Lift upgrade


We provide a complete upgrade & modernization package for all types of lifts, plus installation by experienced technicians.

Upgrading lifts can include:

  • Replacement of push button panels and cabins.
  • Replacement of drive mechanism.
  • Upgrading the internal cladding of the cabin.
  • Installation of new safety systems (speed limiter, double security door locks, etc.)
  • Installation of an automatic rescue operation system, running on batteries.
  • Installation of cabin safety lighting, indicating overweight.
  • Replacement of old technology panels with new electronic ones / Inverter.
  • Installation of automatic doors in old cabins.

The results are enhanced lift performance in operation, safety and reliability.

  • Improved ride quality.
  • Improved Leveling Precision at floor level.
  • Improved Reliability.
  • Improved noise level.
  • Less wear and tear on mechanical equipment.
  • Certified Lift with new Safety standards.

Do all the parts in my lift need to be replaced?

No, only worn parts and old safety systems should be replaced after an inspection & reasonable adjustments should be made to your existing lift in order to meet the safety requirements of the European Directive 95/16/EC.


There are several reasons for modernizing your lift:

  • Improved performance and ride quality
  • It adds value to the building
  • Energy saving
  • Less wear and tear on mechanical equipment
  • Noise reduction
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Safety, stay up to date with current legislation – reducing the risk of accidents

With the upgrade, the safety requirements of the European Directive 95/16/EC (see HERE) can be met and a license to operate the lift can be issued or reissued.

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