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They are economical hydraulic lifts designed for small homes. They can be installed to your unique specifications within a few weeks.

Homelift Lifts provide incredible reliability at a very reasonable cost, short installation time, low maintenance & long life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Load/Capacity: 150-400kgr (2 to 6 people)
  • Speed: 0.15 m/sec
  • Maximum Distance: 12m
  • Maximum Number of Stops: 4
  • Minimum Bottom Depth: 250 mm
  • Minimum Top Floor Height: 2,600mm


  • Reliability at a very low cost
  • Very short installation time
  • Possibility of evacuation in the event of a power failure
  • Flexibility in the location of the cabinet-type machine room
  • Low noise level
  • Fewer mechanical parts
  • Long service life


  • Good for small buildings with few floors
  • Low operating speed

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